For Change Initiative


The FOR CHANGE INITIATIVE is a unique program launched in 2015 by the City of Kansas City, Missouri, with the goal of making it easier for small companies to obtain the financing, bonding and insurance needed to bid on City construction projects.

In collaboration with Cornerstone Companies and Lead Bank of Kansas City, this progressive Kansas City partnership brings the project owner, lender and bonding company together to provide the vital components that small businesses need to pursue City contracts.

The FOR CHANGE INITIATIVE is targeted at small business owners and city contractors who are part of the $1 billion worth of work currently flowing through Kansas City and its statutory agencies. Since January 1, 2016, small local businesses have obtained more than $3.4 million in additional available working capital to complete 16 separate City of Kansas City project contracts.

Participants in the FOR CHANGE INITIATIVE receive:

  • Streamlined application process
  • Lower costs than standard market
  • Reduced underwriting requirements
  • Preapproval of bond and borrowing ability

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